Clearing Up The Car Insurance Confusion

Car insuranceThe Most Common Car Insurance Myth De-bunked

Something you might have heard or come across while you shopped for the perfect car insurance policy is “full coverage.” While this may seem self- explanatory, it does not mean what most people think it means. Here is some information to clear up any confusion there may be about full coverage auto insurance.

The Myth: Many people believe that getting a full coverage policy means that you will not have to pay a penny out of pocket in the event of an accident or a devastating natural disaster. This belief can lead to quite a bit of frustration when you get into an accident and make a claim expecting it to be free.

Reality: Full coverage is not as cut and dry as it initially seems, and because of the confusion, many agents refrain from using this term whenever possible. Full coverage is actually the combination of comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Collision insurance covers you in the event of a collision or accident, and comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle under a variety of events. So if you have full coverage and you get in an accident you still have to pay the difference between the costs covered by your insurance policy and the uncovered costs for loss or repairs. You will also have to pay the insurance premiums and the agreed upon deductible whenever you make a claim, however, your insurance will still provide you with much more protection if you have this policy.

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